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Unionist Politics and the Politics of Unionism Sin…

I will be adding content from my previous publications on this page over the coming months. This will include excerpts from my previous books and book chapters as well as old journal articles and other published work -including previous media work. If using any of this material please cite the source and my authorship of it accurately.

‘Theresa May’s “Third Way” Brexit will never happen – she’s just trying to avoid the government’s imminent implosion’ The Metro, 5 July 2018,

‘Chilcot Report: Tony Blair’s sad and shameful political epitaph’ The Conversation, 6 July 2016,

‘Brexit: UK Politics in a Persistent Vegetative State -Feargal Cochrane’ The Scotsman 13 December 2018 Brexit: UK politics in persistent vegetative state ‘“ Feargal Cochrane | The Scotsman

‘The Unionists of Ulster: An Ideological Analysis’ Chapter 2 in Unionist Politics and the Politics of Unionism since the Anglo-Irish Agreement Cork University Press, 1st Ed. 1997.

‘From Transition to Transformation in Ethnonational Conflict: Some Lessons from Northern Ireland’ Ethnopolitics (2012)

‘The Paradox of Conflict Tourism: The commodification of war or conflict transformation in practice?’ Brown Journal of World Affairs, Vol XXII iss I. Fall/Winter 2015

‘Not so Extraordinary: The Democratisation of UK Counter-Insurgency Strategy’ Critical Studies on Terrorism, 2013,

Article on the roles of Diaspora groups within civil society and their roles in conflict and peacebuilding from 2007: ‘Civil Society Beyond the State: The Impact of Diaspora Communities on Peacebuilding’ Global Media Journal, Issue 2 (2) pp19-29.

‘DUP may be overestimating opposition to Irish Sea border in Northern Ireland -New Survey’ The Conversation, November 7 2019,

‘Brexit: How a Third-Party Mediator could break the parliamentary impasse’ (with Neo Loizides,) The Conversation, 18 January 2019,

Mediating Power-Sharing: Devolution and …
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